2020 Jeep Gladiator Sport w/ 3" Rock Krawler Pro X Kit

2020 Jeep Gladiator Sport equipped with a Rock Krawler Suspension 3.0 Inch Pro-X Stage 1 kit. The stage one kit includes Rock Krawlers own 2.25" RRD shocks. One of the main benefits of the Pro-X kit is that it converts the rear to a triangulated 4 link which elimantes the need for the factory rear track bar and allows for a much better rear axle alignment. The triple rate front springs and quad rate rear springs allow this system to achieve a very smooth ride quality while also delivering great off road performance. For wheels the customer opted for the ever popular Black Rhino Arsenal wheels in the 17x9.5 spec. For tires we went with 37" Mickey Thompson Deegan 38s to complete the project.


If you are interested in setting your Jeep Gladiator in similar way please give us a call at 205-685-1911 or email us at sales@southernoffroad.com.