Off Road Trails in North Alabama



Having a four wheel drive vehicle allows residents and visitors to north Alabama to enjoy access to some of the most diverse and scenic areas found anywhere in the United States.  From steep, gravel covered slopes, trails that twist and wind through old growth forests, to mud holes that are as deep as they are nasty, the wide variety of terrain to be found in the northern section of this southern state is an off-roader’s paradise.  There are numerous opportunities to get off the asphalt and out into the dirt, whether on expansive private off road parks, or one of the many wild stretches of public land. At Southern Off Road, we not only work on these vehicles and sell parts for them, we also get out there and get them dirty.  These are a few spots we know of to go four wheeling the next time you head out for some weekend adventure in your 4X4, UTV, or ATV here in Alabama. Check back as we detail more rides in other areas, both within Alabama, and across the south.


Kentuck Off Road Vehicle Trail Head


Alabama has an abundance of public land, and is fortunate that much of this resource is available to those who enjoy getting out into nature with their four wheel drive vehicle or ATV.  One of the most famous, and with good reason, is the Kentuck Off Road Vehicle Trail Head, which is composed of four looping sections that together comprise over 20 miles of easy to moderate trails. This is one of Alabama’s riding hotspots for UTVs, ATVs, and other off road vehicles with less than a 50” wheelbase. The U.S Forest Services administers the Trailhead, setting regulations, and providing maps and other resources for those who visit the area.  These are multiple use trails, so you will be sharing the trails with hikers, mountain bikers and other users. Therefore, it is important to ride responsibly, and, as always, to tread lightly. The U.S Forest Service's website details rules and regulations, allowing riders to educate themselves and avoid trouble that can come from being aware of what is and is not allowed.


Stoney Lonesome OHV Park


Although public lands offer a tremendous amount of riding opportunities in Alabama, that does not mean there are not excellent recreational opportunities available on private land. One of the standouts is Stony Lonesome OHV Park.  Located on almost 1500 acres of varied terrain in Cullman County, this private park charges admission fees, but provides more than just mud and obstacles. This park offers a full suite of amenities, such as cabins, camping facilities, and bath houses. Stoney Lonesome OHV Park attracts all manner of vehicles and drivers, from rock crawlers, to side by side UTVs, to dirt bikes. Open all year round, the park is closed on Tuesday and Wednesdays, and during severe weather. Call ahead before to be certain that you are good to go before heading out.


Choccolocco Mountain


Choccolocco Mountain is another well known privately owned off road park in Alabama that caters to all manner of off road vehicles, from stock four wheel drives, to purpose built rock crawlers, as well as all manner of ATVs and UTVs.  Located just outside of the town of Jacksonville, this park attracts visitors from all over the south.  This park features an extensive trail system, with stretches of easy trails that are suitable for beginners and those with stock four wheel drive vehicles as well as more extreme terrain for the more experienced driver, as well as for those with modified vehicles.  The park covers roughly 450 acres of wooded, rolling hills and features camping, hiking and a children's playground.  RV hookups are available, but it is recommended that visitors call ahead to confirm availability.


Flint Creek Multiple Use Trail


Part of the sprawling Bankhead National Forest, the Flint Creek Multiple Use Trail is another set of trails administered by the U.S. Forest Service that is very popular among the ATV and UTV crowd.  The  Trail encompassses over 15 miles of varied terrain that is open to off road vehicles under 50’” in width.  These trails are known to be excellent for cruising, and running fast, as they feature smooth clear runs and banked sweeping turns.  The forest service asks visitors to stay on the trail and use the park’s bridge for water crossing.  


These are just a few of the many spots that the crew here at Southern Off Road knows and rides.  Check back often as we put a spotlight on more of the many great places that we have here in Alabama, across the South, and around the world to enjoy our sport and the off road lifestyle.