Outfitting Your Ride for Your Next All-American Adventure

As we cruise past the July 4th holiday and look toward the World Deer Expo, we here at SOR have been counting our many blessings - chief of which is to live in a country that affords its citizens the right to access and utilize public lands. One of America’s great treasures is its spectacular natural abundance, with vast tracts of wild and scenic country waiting to be explored. One of the things we enjoy most about working at one of the best independent off road shops around is helping customers set up their vehicles to best suit whatever outdoor pursuit they're passionate about.


Whether it's hunting, fishing, trail riding, camping, or just finding something new to check out on a weekend with the family, it all involves leaving the well-traveled path. When the asphalt recedes into the rear view mirror and the path gets a little dirty, that's when memories are made. Unless you want that memory to be the time you got everybody stuck in the woods, you should swing by and see us...we have tons of options for making your vehicle more capable.


We're always struck by the number and variety of hobbies bring people into our shop. Every customer has a build, and every build has a story. You can check out some of those projects here. Whether it's something as simple as wanting to make a Saturday cruiser a little sharper with bigger wheels and a few accessories, or something as complex as setting up an expedition vehicle that leaves the asphalt for a week at a time and never looks back, we're always amazed by our customers' apsirations and love being able to set up the perfect rig for them. Projects large and small share the fact that these vehicles bring their drivers closer to one of the things that makes America great: access to a diverse landscape full of natural beauty.


We often have the opportunity to set up vehicles for those who act as stewards of the land, from ranchers and farmers with their lifted duallys, to hunters and game managers who cultivate and manage broad tracts of land. Four-wheel drive vehicles are not always their passion, but their passion always involves a four-wheel drive. For many of our customers, their 4X4 is not at the forefront of their minds, rather it is a steady and reliable companion on their adventures - one they can take for granted if all is going well.


We take inspecting and servicing every vehicle that passes through our shop extremely seriously - whether it's brought to us by a customer or one we're selling. We know one of the scariest sounds in America’s wild places is silence following a key turning in the ignition. If your interests take you far afield, stop by and see us so that we can make sure you never involuntarily hear the sounds of silence while in the backcountry (cue wolf howls in the distance).


We'll be at the BJCC July 13 through 15 at the World Deer Expo with some of the machines that we've set up for hunters and other folks who love the land this country is built on. Stop by and see what we've been up to!


The next time you load up family and friends and get out into nature, be sure to take a moment to appreciate just how blessed we are to have access to the incredible resource that is America’s public lands.