How Southern Off Road Does Powersports

There are many reasons why we at Southern Off Road (SOR) enjoy having the opportunity to explore the South by way of its off road trails, forest paths, and unimproved back roads: the widely varied terrain, the way the seasons impact our favorite trails, and of course, meeting up with fellow drivers, riders, and enthusiasts of all types. Over the last few years as we've gotten out into the dirt, it's been difficult to miss the rise of the machines in our corner of the off road universe. So, we started on a quest to build SOR into the type of powersports dealership that riders want. We're pleased to offer a complete suite of services - from selling new machines and accessories, to servicing and modding them - with the same level of professionalism that our customers have come to expect from us and have found lacking elsewhere.


At Southern Off Road, we've been servicing, customizing and building up just about every type of 4X4 under the sun for years. Over the last few years, we've seen the shift, like others in the industry, to people running side by side UTVs more often, and modifying them in ever bigger and more creative ways. The aftermarket has really responded to this surge in interest, which has made our job of building out these rigs a lot more interesting...and occasionally more challenging.


As we started servicing our customers' UTVs, we realized how hard it could be to source parts and trustworthy information. As a result, we began a multi-year process to bring Southern Off Road’s philosophy of service and professionalism to the UTV scene in Alabama. This was easier said than done. What we learned along the way surprised us, but we came out on the other side as the fastest growing powersports dealer in the state, so we feel like we got a few things right!


Having been in and out of every brand of UTV at some point or another, we had a good idea of what makes a good unit, and what leads to trouble. We wanted to bring in multiple lineups from different manufacturers, so we could essentially pick and choose the top offerings, and allow you, our customers, to have excellent choices, no matter your budget or plans. We put together some of the highest-end machines on the planet, along with others that provide incredible value, in order to provide solid options to you, whether tyou're looking for high performance or a big value at a low entry price.


For those looking for a top-of-the-line high performance SXS, we've partnered with Textron Off Road. This group brings their experience owning companies like Bell Helicopter and Cessna to the UTV and ATV world. With their purchase of Artic Cat and the development of the potent Wildcat series of performance SXS, Textron has established themselves as a major industry player. Textron Off Road fields a product line that competes on a peer-to-peer basis with the best the industry has to offer. From the class-leading power of Textron’s naturally aspirated 1000cc class motor, to the inclusion of King and Elka shocks on their machines, everything we carry from Textron is high quality, built to thrill and made to last.


If you want a premium machine but would like it on a budget, we're happy to offer CFMoto UTVs and ATVs at Southern Off Road. CFMoto is famous for its high quality engines, which it supplies to such manufacturers as KTM, and they command large market shares in the UTV, ATV, and motorcycle segment around the world. They have recently been moving on from their success in Europe to capturing more of the American market with the help of their smooth running and stylish machines. The units from CFMoto feature automotive paint, smooth transmissions, and a very high degree of fit and finish. We've recently concluded a great aftermarket build up of their potent ZForce 1000cc sport SXS, and have made it into a true RZR fighter. Check out our CFMoto build here.


If what you need is a dutiful workhorse that's reliable and well built, then the offerings from Hisun should be on your radar. Hisun impressed us with good engineering, a big warranty and a fantastic build quality. More than one of our customers--upon seeing the Hisun line up--have wished that they'd come across it before plunking down so much more money for a less complete unit with a more well-known name slapped on it. All of our full size Hisun UTVs come with winches, windshields, heavy duty bumpers, roofs and a fantastic two-year warranty. If you need a reliable rig for hunting, trail riding, or making chores around the homestead a little easier, than you need to stop by our showroom in Pelham and take the Pepsi Challenge on one of these sharp UTVs. You won't be disappointed and you may end up saving  thousands of dollars on your next machine.


The first UTV manufacturer that we partnered with as a dealer was a group out of Texas called Odes. These guys came to our attention while we were displaying a Jeep build at SEMA in Las Vegas. Amongst the many groups there, these machines really stuck out.  They are the big trucks of the SXS world, and we source them from Odes’ assembly point in Texas complete with a long arm suspension directly from the factory. We've found Odes to be heavily built, well engineered, and able to take the kind of punishment that the toughest trails can dish out. The five-seat X4 Dominator is an impressive sight, with a tall stance and wide footprint that not only provides a very comfortable cabin but also turns heads, even in a crowd.


Like everyone else out there, when we get new machines, the first thing to cross our mind is the question “what can we add?” Each of these manufacturers offer numerous factory accessories to allow riders to equip their vehicle with OEM equipment.  In order to have access to even more options, SOR has partnered with Parts Unlimited, one of the premium suppliers in the industry. This allows us to have access to lift kits, riding gear, and high quality aftermarket parts of all descriptions.


If you're into powersports, be sure to stop by Southern Off Road and follow us on Facebook for information about upcoming events, rides, sales, and killer deals on the gear you need for the hobby you love.